water sports

Maldives is a gorgeous island country. It has a vibrant environment and its own distinct tradition and culture. It is home to flawless beaches with fascinating water sports adventures. Tourists from all around the world visit Maldives for relaxing and exciting vacations. Are you searching for the best water sports you want to try on your trip to the Maldives? Here are some of the most famous water sports for travelers.

Underwater Walking

One of the top preferable water sports one can do in the Maldives is underwater walking. Imagine being deep in the ocean and walking on the seafloor surrounded by aquatic animals. Being able to see and touch the fish up close is such an ecstatic experience that you can have through this sport. Underwater walking is easy and moreover, a good opportunity to explore the underwater world and creatures. You can definitely do this sport even if you don’t know how to swim. Participants are taken to a specific location on the boat and are taught basic instructions and necessary information. They are tied to the boat and given life jackets and oxygen helmets for breathing and safety. The instructors wait underwater to supervise and greet the participants. In addition, you can click photos at some extra cost to make your trip memorable.

Banana Boat Ride

From the name you can guess that you will be riding a banana-shaped boat. It is amongst the most adrenaline-thrilling sports in the Maldives. In this ride, the banana-shaped boat is attached to a speed boat that pulls you along the ocean waves at high speed. Don’t forget that when you ride the boat, hold as tight as possible because the speed boats attempt to flip the banana boat dropping all the participants in the water. Knowing how to swim is not a necessity in this sport as you are given life jackets which will help you to float when you are in the water. If you drop in the water another boat will pull you up and safely take you to the shore.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is one of the most favorable sports in Maldives mostly, because of the terrific speed and thrilling experience. The adrenaline attached to it is what attracts most tourists. During this water sport, you are provided with life jackets, therefore, no need to worry about swimming and safety. Those who are professional jet skiers can ride the jet ski alone however, for the newcomers there is always an instructor sitting behind you controlling the gears. Jet Skiing gives you the feel of riding a scooter on water. As you ride this watercraft the ocean water splashes on you and the wind blowing furiously in your hair due to the fast speed gives the most adventurous feeling. So, definitely don’t miss jet skiing on your trip to Maldives.


This is another popular water sport in the Maldives, Kayaking gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful palm trees and sugary sand beaches while you paddle around the island. On one hand, it is a great water adventure and on the other, it is a good arm workout. There are many transparent kayaks that offer you a glimpse of the marine world as you paddle. This sport is the best for people who are nature lovers. Photographers especially love kayaking as they witness breathtaking views, sunset, and sunrise. Many tourists like to go kayaking early in the morning so that they can watch the sunrise and even meditate. Most tourists who can swim do this sport because there is no instructor sitting with you on the kayak. Therefore, it is preferred for people who know swimming.


Parasailing is an activity in which a person is attached to a personal parachute which in turn is connected to a boat. As the boat moves the parachute flies in the air. Through parasailing you can view the beautiful island from the bird’s eye as you are flying high in the sky. In parasailing, you do have to wear a life jacket for safety. Once you are in the sky the boat slows down as it lets you take a dip in the ocean for the thrill. There are two to three spots so you can do this sport right beside your friend or family member. Moreover, for this ride, you might want to check the weather beforehand so that it would not cause you any harm due to high tides or bad weather conditions.

All these water sports are also available at extra cost at your accommodation in the Maldives. Otherwise, you can always connect with the different companies organizing these water activities. If you haven’t done any water sports then what are you waiting for? Check out these adventurous sports in the Maldives.