Luxury is a noun, defined as pleasurable and indulgent activity. An activity that gives great pleasure, especially one only rarely indulged in. Expensive high-quality surroundings and the great comfort that they provide.

We all love a bit of luxury, and now and again that’s what we want from our holidays. A vacation long remembered and for all the right reasons. A no-frills holiday backpacking somewhere scenic and staying at B&Bs can be great fun, but now and again we want pampering, especially if it’s a special occasion.

Your first wedding anniversary, or maybe your fiftieth, a honeymoon, a milestone birthday, a particularly stellar celebration. These are the times when people don’t want to cut corners, when they want the highest quality vacation experience they can afford. Frills or no frills? Frills please and lots of them.

Luxury is the quality of the experience

Luxury is not really measured by where you stay. It’s the quality of the whole holiday experience. It’s measured by accommodation and the quality of service. Travellers want to feel they are the centre of attention because staff take their needs seriously. Top-quality service is when staff deliver more than the guests expect of them. Luxury is a holiday free from worries. A break away which meets your wishes exactly. Think holidays like these are only for millionaires? You’re wrong. Stunning settings and superb service can be had for affordable prices.

Although Britain is in recession, somehow there is still a demand for overseas and high-quality holidays. However travel companies are having to meet the requirements of travellers who are keeping a close eye on their outgoings while still looking for first-class breaks. With this in mind, renting holiday apartments is looking more attractive.

Renting holiday apartments really can provide luxury on a par with top-class hotels. It depends how luxury is defined. If luxury means lots of space, comfort, loads of facilities, choice and the quality of the build and furnishings, then high-end holiday rentals compete easily with five-star hotels.

The advantages over hotels


There are some resorts on the market now in beautiful locations with stunning apartments for rent in budget. They come with everything guests will need and their main advantage over hotels is they have far more space in which to spread out. There’s more freedom with a rental apartment and far fewer interruptions. Also, if there is a big, extended group to be catered for, such as a large wedding party, a large holiday apartment is ideal. They can be much cheaper than having to rent a series of rooms at a hotel.

Many apartment complexes deliver service which equals five-star hotels. They work to give their guests a holiday free from worries, from check-in to departure. Some even have their own sailing yachts for a movable feast of luxury.

Alfie Pattinson is an experienced travel and holiday writer. He has been writing for websites and printed media for well over 15 years. Alfie uses sites such as Club La Costa to keep abreast of developments in the travel and vacation industry.