Planning a luxury holiday can sometimes be a hard experience, especially if you’re going to somewhere you’ve never been before. That’s why it’s significant to make sure you have everything in order, so you’re not panic at the last minute. We’ve put together a useful list of important things to consider before you go on your holiday.

Check Your Passport and Visa

You won’t be getting very far if your passport is out of date or invalid, so make sure you check it weeks in advance of going on holiday. The same goes for any visas you might need: leave plenty of time to sort them out, so you’re not stressing out the week before you’re due to go on holiday. It’s also advisable to check you have enough pages in your passport to be stamped; if you’ve run out of space in your passport and you’re already at the airport, you can request an emergency passport.

Take Out Travel Insurance

It’s vitally important you take out travel insurance before you go on holiday. Although it’s something that can easily be forgotten about, travel insurance will jump to the rescue if you get into a sticky situation whilst abroad. There are lots of companies out there who offer travel insurance at competitive rates, so do a bit of window shopping first to find the best deal. It’s also a good idea to check with your bank to see if they could offer you a good deal on travel insurance, or if you might already be covered!

Get the Best Exchange Rate on Foreign Currency

It might be a pretty boring holiday if you didn’t have money to spend whilst abroad, so make sure you have enough foreign currency to keep you going! There are various places where you can exchange currency from, but you mind find its more cost effective to take out the bulk of your money when you arrive at your destination, depending on what rates your bank charges for using your bank card abroad.

Find Out Whether You Need Vaccinations

You may need to be immunised against certain foreign illnesses, depending on where you’re travelling to, so make sure you confer with your doctor months in advance of going on holiday. Usually, you have up to a month before travelling to get any injections you might need, but it’s a good idea to get immunised before then, in case of any allergic reactions you might have. If you aren’t sure whether you need a vaccination to travel, speak with your local doctor.

Pack Appropriately

Choosing what clothes to wear on holiday is one of the most exciting things about travelling, but make sure you pack accordingly! If you’re going to an incredibly hot country, don’t pack long sleeve tops and full-length trousers; shorts and vests will do. Alternatively, if you’re travelling somewhere that’s cold, pack lots of fleeces! It’s also important to be aware of the dress code in the country you’re visiting, such as Islamic countries which require women to be clothed conservatively.