Bali, in Indonesia, has seen a great boom in tourism, and people from all over the world visit Bali. Being a famous tourist place Bali has various attractions like historic temples,  beautiful beaches, mountains, magnificent volcanoes, and waterfalls. Therefore, you definitely don’t want to miss the Indonesian food in Bali. Here are some of the most famous restaurants to try on your vacation to Bali.

Waroeng Bernadette

Waroeng Bernadette is famous for serving the iconic Indonesian dishes in Seminyak. You can taste the well-known Indonesian Rendang, Rawon beef soup, oxtail soup, and many more dishes available in vegan as well. The specialty of Waroeng Bernadette is that everything is prepared in a homemade traditional style and using fresh ingredients.

You can enjoy light jazz music with authentic meals. The staff is extremely helpful and lively. Moreover, this restaurant is well-priced so you don’t need to worry about expenses on your vacation to Bali. It is a highly recommended restaurant as it gives complimentary desserts to their guests which include the tasty coconut pancakes of Bali.

Sukun Restaurant

Sukun offers the multiple flavors of Indonesia with a menu including seasonal and fresh specialties. It is located in Kuta which is in southern Bali. You can have a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Sukun. The restaurant has a beautiful interior and ambiance with a swimming pool alongside it. It is a perfect spot to sit and escape from Bali’s heat.

The restaurant can hold up to 80 guests who can enjoy their meals on designer table settings arranged for couples as well as families. With being in high demand it is better to book a table beforehand. It also has a bar for guests who want to enjoy cocktails and juices. Moreover, Sukun serves vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Warung Forest

Warung Forest serves one of the best seafood in Nusa Penida Island which is near Bali. They have mostly every seafood, you name it and they serve it. From shrimp to octopus, Warung Forest offers dishes with traditional taste. The staff is very welcoming and has great service.

Warung Forest has various cuisines on their menu such as Indonesian, European, and Asian. They also have a bar and barbeque which adds to their charm. In addition, they offer cheap prices and quality food. So, many tourists make sure to visit Warung Forest whenever they go to Nusa Penida Island for vacation.

Sawah Terrace at Mandapa

Sawah Terrace is located in Ubud, Bali, near the Ayung River. They serve authentic Indonesian meals with vegetarian options. So, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the Ayung River from the luxurious sitting area on the terrace of the restaurant. In addition, their service is well-known for being very friendly.

When tourists visit Sawah Terrace they are welcomed by drinks at the library bar and then proceed to a small tour of their property. This beautiful restaurant which is near the monkey forest sanctuary is definitely worth a visit on your vacation. It has a great ambiance of nature and the sound of the river flowing is mesmerizing to listen to while you enjoy your meal.

Tropical Temptation Beach Club

Tropical Temptation is ranked as the no. 1 restaurant in Ungasan, Bali. They offer lunch and dinner only. The best thing about this restaurant is that it is situated on the coast of Uluwatu. This beach club has stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Moreover, they have traditional Indonesian food and amazing drinks.

Tourists make sure to visit this beach club as on one hand, they can swim on the beach, and on the other, they can eat their favorite dishes at the restaurant. In addition, at Tropical Temptation you can enjoy the fire dance which happens on the beach at sunset. Their service is top-notch without a doubt. Families often visit this club to spend quality time and enjoy the beach.

These were some of the famous restaurants in Bali that have Indonesian food. Missing out on these restaurants means you are missing the culture of Bali, Indonesia. Do visit these places to have a taste of traditional Indonesian food on your vacation to Bali.