Ask any traveler for tips on how to immerse yourself in a place you’re currently touring and they’ll probably include taking walks among some of the city’s best parks and beach lines. Exploring a destination by foot allows you to get a good feel of the area and really take in the sights and sounds around you.

In the past, we featured the US here on Travel Ji along with all the essential items you should prepare before taking a trip to one of the world’s largest countries. Among those were comfortable shoes because it’s advised to do a lot of walking given that as explained above, it’s a great way to make the trip more enjoyable.

With that in mind, let’s move to somewhere closer to the U.S., which is considered a wonderful vacation hotspot – Miami, Florida.

Urban Adventures

You’ve probably heard or read about Miami’s alluring beaches, the most famous of which is South Beach or SoBe. It’s globally popular for a reason and walking across the city gives you a good taste of the Miamian vibes. In fact, Miami Beach 411 went as far as to describe SoBe as a walker’s paradise and listed numerous streets and parks which are perfect for taking a stroll including Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, South Pointe Park, and Flamingo Park. Here’s a short clip that highlights Lincoln Road

With all the establishments lined up along these thoroughfares, you will certainly be enticed to make several stops. There are restaurants, boutiques, galleries, museums, courts or stadiums for all kinds of sports, and so much more.

There are, however, notable landmarks that are attractive and iconic enough that tourists can’t help but get their photos taken to remember their Miami vacation. Trip Savvy identified some of these wonders like the Wolfsonian Museum, Versace Mansion, and of course, Miami’s Art Deco structures. The city actually has walking tours along with its Art Deco District that provides visitors with interesting information regarding the history, evolution, and other facts about these buildings. The most popular include The Breakwater, Colony Hotel and Colony Theater, Essex House, and Lincoln Theater.

What’s even greater about these streets, parks, landmarks as well as neighborhoods is they are all highly walkable. This means that they’re relatively safe and friendly; have high-quality footpaths and sidewalks; excellent accessibility; and totally considerate when it comes to pedestrians. Not only that, Discover Homes Miami mentioned that some neighborhoods in The Magic City are even rated as the most walkable in the entire U.S. like Omni/Midtown, Downtown, Brickell, and the aforementioned South Beach – all of which have ratings of 90+ on the walkability scale.

Nature walks

On the flip side, Miami also cares for its natural areas so you also have the option of taking nature walks apart from an urban excursion. For instance, state parks like Oleta River State Park and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park are filled with trails and trekking paths through the wilderness. Miami also has a portion of the world-famous Everglades within its boundaries so you have the option to venture along the trails through the vast wetlands that are home to many unique kinds of plants and animals.

Whether you choose to explore Miami’s urban sector or natural landscape or both, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life. For additional tips on how to make the most out of your holiday, be sure to check our Travel Checklist.