While traveling the world and staying in hotels is nice, there are few feelings more rewarding than setting up a tent and spending a night under the stars. The world is full of incredible places to do so, from idyllic seaside sites to remote mountainous regions. Take a look at some of the world’s best places to go camping.

Scotland: Loch Lomond and The Trossachs

Loch Lomond is quite a romantic body of water around which to gather. Surrounded by the peaks, valleys and villages of The Trossachs, you will have quite a scenic backdrop for a camping trip. Around the lochs and mountains, there are plenty of spots to camp and options include plenty of caravan parks and wild, remote spots for those looking for a bit of a breakaway from everyone else.

France: The Alps

Long famed for its natural beauty, the French Alps is more than just a haven for skiers during the winter months. Once the snow begins to thaw and the balmier weather arrives, the Alps transforms into a hub of activity for hikers and campers, and you can see France just as the locals do. You can expect to enjoy beautiful, French alpine air as well as quaint villages nestled at the foot of the mountains. It is an excellent spot for camping and is made all the more special by the glittering night sky shining above.

Spain: Asturias

In Asturias, Spain, it feels as though time has stood still. Old, gorgeous villages cling to beautiful green mountains and fishing communities are spread throughout the craggy coastline. This area of northwest Spain is massively underrated but offers some of the country’s most beautiful camping sites.

Ethiopia: Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains are recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The jagged massif and its deep precipices have long been thought to rival those of the United States’ Grand Canyon in terms of beauty. This phenomenal landscape is best explored by guided treks ending in a sleep under canvas at one of the park’s several campsites.

Japan: The Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikal)

In the watery expanse between the Honshū, Shikoku and Kyūshū islands of Japan, one can find a little-known idyll made up of several smaller islands. This area is commonly explored by bike as seven new bridges now link the islets together. However, once the sun sets, you can enjoy beautiful campsites beside tropical white sand beaches.

India: Ladakh

With a sparse population and high altitude, this region in Jammu and Kashmir conjures images of gompas in the mountainside and colourful prayer flags fluttering quickly in the wind. Once the mountain passes open up in the springtime, Ladakh makes for the perfect camping destination to enjoy a relaxing few days where you can chill out check this site for fun and enjoy activities in pristine settings.

Canada: Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island’s ecosystem is incredibly diverse and only intensifies as you head north. In the Pacific Rim National Park and on the West Coast Trail, you can find truly spectacular places to set up camp. From your campsite, you might even witness orcas breaching offshore, sea otters playing in the shallows of the water or brant geese taking to the skies.