Being able to travel is one of life’s greatest joys and being able to travel alone is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Allowing for adventuring on your own time with your own goals set for your trip, solo travel is fast becoming very popular as many young people are learning to enjoy being able to do whatever they want to on their trips, whenever they want to.

Take a look at some of our favourite tips for successful solo travel that will help make your life much easier and in turn, allow for your trips to be even more wonderful and exciting.

Make Sure That You Have Travel Insurance

First things first – while traveling alone is lots of fun, it can be a daunting thought. Being alone in a country that you know nothing about where you might not even speak the local language can be a bit scary at first. You keep thinking about what will happen if you get lost or lose something or get sick and you’re all by yourself.

Eliminate all of the stress that comes with these thoughts so that you are able to fully enjoy yourself. Make sure you buy travel insurance. This is a vital aspect of any solo trip as you are responsible for anything that goes wrong when you are traveling. Travel insurance will help you make sure that you are covered for any unexpected expenses. For example, if you lose your passport or phone, the insurance will cover it. More comprehensive plans will even allow you to fly a friend or family member out to help take care of you if you fall ill.

Book Homely Accommodation

Do your research and book solo-friendly accommodation. Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and homestays are perfect for lone travellers and if you need anything, you can rest assured knowing that someone will always be on hand to help you.

Try To Learn A Few Words Of The Local Language

When traveling alone, try to learn a few basic words of the local language if it is different from your own. This will go a long way in helping you locate essential places such as convenience stores and bathrooms. This will also help you become able to ask people for directions if you get lost.

Take Day Tours

Day tours are an excellent way to see the sites and make friends while you are there. Not only will you get to have a taste of what your travel city has to offer, you will also expand your global network of acquaintances which is fantastic for those of us who like to keep in touch with people from all over the world and perhaps even visit them elsewhere someday.

Walk Around

Don’t be afraid to walk around and get to know your destination a bit better. While public transport and ride hailing apps are as convenient as the top online casino NZ sites, walking is not only a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with the area, but also a fantastic way to find a few local hidden gems.