With travel becoming more and more popular, many students are deciding to take a gap year. It can be difficult choosing between starting college or university or travelling, especially if you feel like you are missing out. Before you think about taking a gap year, here are a few things to consider, making the choice a little easier.

When to Take Your Gap Year

If you are debating taking a gap year before furthering your education this can seem like the best time. If you haven’t been accepted into the school you want, maybe taking a gap year is the best choice and you can try again next year. If you have been accepted into the course of your dreams, you need to decide if it is worth losing that place to travel. If the answer is no, then perhaps taking a gap year at the end of your education is the best choice for you. If you are in the middle of your course and watching everyone else travel whilst you work, you may have travel envy. Is it worth giving up your education or sticking it out? Do what makes you happy, but remember, if you are going to leave for a year, will you come back and finish, and will your school allow that?

Where Should I Go?

Deciding where to travel can be like jumping into the unknown. The world is a big place and there can be so many places you may want to go, or you may not even know where you want to start. This is where the internet can help. Choose what you like to do and enjoy, whether this be drinking and going out with friends, exploring nature or different cultures, or participating in sporting activities. This will help to tailor where you choose to go. If you want to immerse yourself in a completely new culture, Southeast Asia is a popular destination for backpackers as it is inexpensive. This cheap hotel in Sukhumvit is located in the centre of the city and costs as little as $25 a night.

Can I Afford It?

This is one of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself. If you do want to go travelling and you have enough money for your trip, have you considered how much money you will need when you return home? If you do want to go to college or university when you come back, this is an expense in itself, meaning you don’t want to leave yourself penniless. If you do find yourself not having enough cash, perhaps you could work and travel. There are many great travelling jobs and many jobs abroad that hire people on a working visa. This can be a great way to make friends too, and the jobs don’t have to be boring.  Plus, this will look great on your college applications and on your resume.

Taking a gap year is something only you can decide, and you must do what makes you happy or you may end up making the wrong choice. Make a list of pros and cons and talk to family and friends for advice.