Are you a digital nomad who’s looking for a breath of fresh air? Are you thirsty to embrace the alternative ways of living the world has to offer? Perhaps you’re just looking to get away from the life you’ve come to know over the course of the years. Then stick around, for we’re about to reveal some of the most relaxing and laid-back Abroad destinations every digital nomad deserves to experience:

Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the best places for a digital nomad to be. Thriving nightlife, mouth-watering food, and a warm atmosphere are all parts of the magic equation of this city. If you’ve used to living in a fully developed country, but are sick of a constant hole in your wallet, this may be just the solution you need. There’s Wi-Fi everywhere, the health care is excellent, and whenever you need a place to stay, Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok is one of the most popular, trusted, and comfortable options available – it will surely prove to be quite useful until you find a more permanent place to stay.

Ubud, Bali (Indonesia)

The urban lifestyle might not be for everyone, and living in a concrete jungle can take a toll on your health after a while. If that sounds like you, don’t fret: this Indonesian nature’s retreat is a stark contrast to the concrete walls you’re probably looking to get away from. Unwind by surfing to your heart’s content, attend a yoga class, or drink a cup of tea. Here, having a good bite to eat will only cost you about a buck if you don’t mind eating the local food. The weather is humid and warm, and you can always rent a bike or a scooter to get around, no matter what time of year it is.

Split (Croatia)

If your perfect day includes a stop at the beach in one form or another, this is a hot European destination for many tourists. After a long and exhausting swimming session, pull up a chair in one of the restaurants to fill the void in your stomach. The local food is influenced by Italian cuisine, and yet it stays true to its Croatian roots and the saltiness of the sea. Really, visiting Split and not trying some of the local seafood almost constitutes a crime.

The Philippines

Filipinos are hospitable by nature and will welcome a digital nomad with open arms. Most of the locals can speak and understand English just fine, so it’s very easy to find yourself a friend. The beaches are everywhere, and so are the cheap beverages. Compared to the western world, everything is a tad bit cheaper. Simply put, who could resist such a laid-back atmosphere and a simpler way of living, which often translates to doing your work under a tree at the beach?


The technology keeps evolving, and thanks to the numerous job opportunities the online marketplace has introduced, it’s easy to explore the vastness of the world without being tied to the confines of a small cubicle or an office. Do you dare to leave behind the old way of living and try something new, with nothing more than a laptop in your backpack and a burning desire to explore the world?