What to Do in Greenwich Village
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There are several reasons why Greenwich Village in NYC has repeatedly been included in ‘America’s most expensive zip codes’ lists. The former epicenter of 1960’s counterculture, Hendrix-worship, and anti-war propaganda might be scarcely recognizable now to those who saw it in its cultural prime. For today, it can be argued that Greenwich Village is in the middle of its financial prime, and money has the propensity to attract talent, a local resource that is today showcased in the area’s many establishments.

Visit Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

You can also take a walk at Washington Square Park to visit Hangman’s Elm, the oldest tree in Manhattan. Try not to look too star struck when you see one or two A-list celebrities jogging or walking their dog at the park, it’s not an uncommon sight here and the locals are pretty used to it. If you’re lucky, you might even catch someone playing the grand piano at the park, or would-be poets reciting their songs to anyone willing to lend an ear. This might be the perfect time to snap a few pictures, and if you’ve been taking Travelji’s packing advice to heart, a camera should be one of the few things in your bag when you go to the US.

Take a Hudson River guided tour

Hudson River

History buffs might particularly enjoy tracing the path of Titanic survivors from the pier at Hudson River Park via guided tours. This somewhat narrow, green path which according to Travel and Leisure runs down Manhattan’s western coastline is well-maintained and manicured – perfect for afternoon walks down NYC’s rich history. You can also rent one of the local Citi bikes to explore this gorgeous river park.

Unwind at Café Loup

Café Loup

Café Loup has been in the neighborhood since ‘77, and over the decades has been known as a beacon in the NYC media and literary scene. Patch reports that the cafe recently reopened following a seize order by the state for unpaid taxes. Thankfully, all of that has been settled, and Café Loup continues to be a beloved, low-key NYC institution where you can grab a good cup of coffee, sample predictable but consistently good French cuisine, drink good wine, and watch a live jazz outfit.

Enjoy Italian dishes in Carbone


Timeout accurately describes Carbone as a Godfather hangout on steroids, as its exorbitant prices are well-reflected in the top shelf ingredients and more than ample servings of each order. Italian classics are catapulted into modern gourmet in Carbone’s rigatoni alla vodka, house-made maccheroni drowning in spicy cream with sweet melted onions, and the most gratuitous Caesar salad you’ll ever gorge on in your life.

It should come as no surprise that Greenwich Village is one of the most desirable places in New York. In fact, real estate prices in the area have continued to increase in past years. Yoreevo’s feature on NYC mansion tax notes that a million-dollar NYC apartment in 1989 would be worth over double that amount in today’s real estate market. And that’s not counting the hidden charges and taxes that you need to sort out with your broker or agent. With all that being said, having your own flat in Greenwich Village would be well worth the price.

For the architecturally inclined, you need only to look up and around to appreciate what the Village has to offer in this department. While some may argue that Greenwich Village has lost its bohemian edge, there’s still no place like this in Manhattan, America, or in the rest of the world.