When planning the perfect safari trip, there’s nowhere better than the vast, beautiful landscapes of Tanzania, which was recently announced as the best safari destination in Africa above many popular places including Botswana and Kenya. Despite political tensions and other troubles in the region, the beauty and diversity of the wildlife speak for themselves and have clearly been tempting visitors to come and experience it for themselves, resulting in Tanzania being voted as the top safari destination to visit.

To support its growing tourism industry, Tanzania has set aside 28% of its 945,000 kilometers just for nature and wildlife, and plans are in place to make visiting the region even more enticing for tourists wishing to experience genuine, spectacular safari trips in Africa. Exploring Tanzania is an unmatched experience, with attractions such as Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti national park drawing people in from far and wide. A Tanzania safari such as those provided by Gane and Marshall allows you to truly explore all of these wonders and so much more.

When embarking on your adventure, you can look forward to seeing exotic wildlife in a completely unique way, with animals and expansive, sprawling landscapes to feast your eyes on and various options as to how and where you want to travel. You might want to stay in luxury with your own lodge, or really throw yourself into the experience and go for a light mobile safari – in which you and your driver will head into the bush together to see everything in its natural environment.

Tanzania safari trips are a singular experience that will never be forgotten and, with the region being voted Africa’s best destination by an African tour online marketing website, based on 3,061 reviews and a survey of 1,000 tourists and 756 travel experts, more and more people are realizing how special it really is. For anyone with a sense of adventure that needs to be fulfilled, Tanzania safaris are a fantastic choice that allows you to experience the beauty and excitement of such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.