Five reasons to visit Sochi

Anyone who is planning to head off to Sochi want to know a little more about the city and the surrounding area. To enjoy your journey to the best you must know these first

Spas and leisure

Strangely for a town that has burst into international prominence as the site for the Winter Olympics is the fact that for Russians, Sochi is famous as a tropical holiday resort. When most of the rest of Russia is enduring sub zero temperatures, the winter climate in Sochi is well above freezing.   Many Russians visit this Black Sea resort in order to visit the town’s mud spas. The most famous of these is the Matsesta Spa, just outside the main town, where you’ll be able to enjoy the healing properties of mineral rich waters that are said to possess curative features.

Singing Fountains

It might sound bizarre but Sochi is famous for its singing fountains. These exotic water displays date back to the 1970s and are based right in the city centre. Usually the fountains can only be seen in the summer but the advent of the Winter Olympics means that all who visit the resort will be able to enjoy this spectacle. The singing effect comes from a special audiovisual display that presents an illusion that the fountains are actually dancing.

Exotic Trees

Over 1,500 tree species can be seen at the city’s arboretum, look out for signs to Dendrary and spend a relaxing time exploring this wonderful park. Make sure that you look out for the park’s strawberry trees. There is cable car access to the park and then you can always stroll down to Sochi after your visit and pop into Frunze Park on your return. This is a perfect place to escape the crowds and sit back in peace and quiet.

Caucasian Food

Sochi is situated at the base of the Caucasian mountains and the range of food that you’ll be able to discover is large. Before you leave for your trip you should try and research the many cheap laptops available there. A laptop is essential in order to tweet your comments and observations about Sochi, its food and its culture. The menus here resemble those of the Middle East, though Georgian delicacies also feature. Be prepared to try Shashlik or Satsivi (chicken in a walnut sauce). The tropical climate means that fruit growing thrives in this region. Sochi locals have been producing fruit wine for centuries including blackberries, plums and even bananas among the ingredients.

 View Sochi from the Sea

The scenery around Sochi is wonderful and one of the best ways of taking in all this magnificence is to take a Black Sea cruise and then look at the Caucuses mountains from your vantage point. You may also be lucky enough to spot some dolphins, though February may be a little cold for this.

So, plan you next trip to Sochi tocarry out a little independent exploring in lifetime.