Most hotels are designed with guests in mind. However, not all of them are perfect and some often miss the mark. There are generally a few areas that most travellers agree that can be quite annoying as you try to enjoy your stay in your home away from home. Don’t let your travels be marred by a bad night of sleep or any discomforts in your hotel room.

Take a look at these quick, easy hacks on how to make your stay a lot more comfortable.

Blinking Lights

All hotel rooms need to abide by safety standards and that’s a great thing! It means that we can sleep easily at night knowing that the fire alarms work, for example. While these are immeasurably helpful, they can, along with other electronics such as Wi-Fi routers, be incredibly disruptive due to the tiny blinking lights that accompany them. These generally won’t annoy us in our homes as we are naturally more relaxed, but when travelling, they can be quite overwhelming due to jetlag and changing time zones.

One way to eliminate these lights without turning the appliances off and still ensuring that they all work properly is to simply use electrical tape to cover them. Keep a roll in your suitcase so that you can cover up all of these little lights quickly and efficiently.

Dry Air

In this day and age, hotel rooms often don’t have windows that open. As a result, hotel room heating and air conditioning systems can be quite intense as they are all we have to rely upon for the circulation of air. You could wake up feeling incredibly dehydrated, as though you haven’t had any water in a long while, with your mouth and skin begging for a bit of moisture.

To combat the dry air, try soaking a towel with water and then wringing it tightly before hanging it over an ironing board in front of the room’s vent.

Override The Thermostat

Oftentimes, hotels set the thermostat to a certain temperature range that is believed to be the “most comfortable” for everyone. However, some of us live outside of that specific range and will need to override the hotel’s thermostat.

All you need to do is locate the thermostat and then hold down the display and off buttons simultaneously. Then, keep holding the display button down but let go of the power button and press the increase button. Once you release all of the buttons, you will have free reign of your room’s temperature controls.

Keep The Power On Without Using Your Room Key

As a means of reducing power consumption and contributing towards a greener planet, many hotels require guests to insert their room keys into a slot while they are there. This allows for the room to automatically detect when guests are present or not. When the key is not in the designated slot, it means the room is empty and guest don’t need the power, so lights and plugs are switched off.

However, in many hotels, any card can be used as a key for keeping the lights on, not necessarily just your room key. This is useful to know when you want to register right here while out, or for situations in which you want to be outside of your room, but you need the power going inside.