Are you wondering about the 5 most important reasons enough to convince you to go on a Nile River Cruise? Here, we are going to understand those 5 reasons.

Cairo’s Egyptian Museum

You must not miss the collection of antiquities on display at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is truly quite mind-blowing. Here, it needs to be mentioned that it is one of the most significant museums in the world.

You should also be aware of the facts unearthing its history. This museum was established in 1857 and is its current location in 1897. It is worth exploring since it will leave you stunned indeed. You must not miss this museum while going on a Nile River cruise.

Luxor Temple

The Luxor temple is regarded as one of the biggest complexes in Africa and it can truly be viewed from the Nile’s east bank. Talking about the temple’s features, it has two obelisks, wide courtyards, and a variety of statues as well as shrines. It was truly built on the site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes. It is regarded as the largest “open-air museum” on earth.

Talking about the temple, it is quite extremely well preserved. There are many incredible carvings that are completely intact. Talking about the location, it is in the middle of the city of Luxor making the temple the ideal site to explore at any time. The temple is truly visible and it is not only from the Nile but also from downtown Luxor. It is indeed an ideal place to explore at sunset. Your Nile River cruise will remain incomplete until you explore Luxor temple.

Temple Of Edfu

Are you wondering about the Temple of Edfu? You have landed at the right place. It is situated in Upper Egypt in the city of Edfu. The best thing is that it is a huge temple that was erected in the Ptolemaic period in celebration of Horus, the Falcon god. To put it in simple words, Falcons were truly considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians since they do not go with dead meat. It is regarded as a well-preserved cult temple. This temple comes up with a variety of halls and chambers to explore.

The Pyramid

There is no need to mention how famous and popular this pyramid is. Talking about this one, it is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. If you hold an interest in the ancient world, you must go with this option indeed. The ideal Pyramid features the Sphinx and it comes with a variety of smaller pyramids all around it from different periods. It does not matter if you are an Egyptologist or truly a curious tourist, you should see it.

Cairo’s Khan El-Khalili

The next on the list is Khan el-Khalili, considered worthy to have an ideal shopping experience all across the world. It is an ideal outdoor bazaar. It is known for its ideal winding collection of alleyways as well as colourful storefronts.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with this Nile river and have an incredible experience indeed.