We all love keeping fit in style and a majority of us are into morning or evening jogging. It is a good exercise. However, not many people are aware of biking, which is not fun but also a way of improving your health.  Biking offers a pleasant experience but many people are missing out on the joys of riding. Nonetheless, the use of bikes is becoming very common in Western countries and particularly the city cruiser.

Though simple, cruisers are predominantly fun to look at; thanks to their meticulous design and good craftsmanship. Their elegance and comfort are equal to that of a German limousine especially when riding at a relaxed pace. Handy materials such as metal, wood, and leather build them, thus they can sustain a wide variety of surfaces.  

Features to look out for in a cruiser bike


More often than not a bike would more appropriate for recreational cyclists and commuters.  However, city cruiser has unique features, which include: –

  • Lightweight and sporty such that it is ideal for admiring the scenery or exploring the neighborhood.  It is also easy to maintain.
  • The bicycle is armed with foot breaks and either 3 or 7 gears.
  • It is hand-built from the scratch hence it is strong because of its frame, which features CR-MO tubes. Apparently, the frames are adjustable to fit the cyclist’s height.
  • Cruiser bicycles have chain protectors, which are aesthetic in nature. The handlebars are made of leather so they are also durable. This in return gives the cyclist a comfortable grip.

Benefits of cycling


Cruisers are popular perhaps because they are stable and easy to ride. They are also affordable compared to mountain and racing bikes. Cycling has continued to enjoy renewed popularity considering the benefits along: –

Stress management

Experts have it that sports reduce stress levels. However, not many people like playing sports but riding a bicycle will take you a long way in toning your stress levels.

Helps in weight loss

Did you know that cycling with a speed of 10 mph burns close to 260 calories in an hour? Cycling aids in burning calories as it helps in exercising the muscles in the thighs and the buttocks.

Treatments for diabetes

Physical activities go a long way in controlling diabetes and cycling is one of those activities.

It is cheap


Seemingly, transportation takes up close to 15% of income from an average American and mainly on automobiles. So, if you want to save thousands of dollars ditch the use of your car and chose biking. Besides, it is cheaper to buy and maintain a bike compared to a car.

It is free from traffic

Traffic is everywhere and it is one of the top complaints among the millions of people who use cars. However, as cars pile up waiting for their turns at the traffic lights, bikers can easily coast to the front of the line.  A biker also gets an awesome feeling in being able to find their way past dozens of cars stuck in traffic.

Cycling helps in building one’s muscles

The activity moves not only the glutes and quads but also the calves. It gives the cycler surprising movements, which in return help in balancing the muscles and improving the posture.

All said and done, cycling is one of the unique activities, which keeps you connected with the bubble of the neighborhood. It has a common reference to the ‘new golf’. Besides, we all know what cars are doing to the environment in terms of pollution. This means if you do not own a city cruiser, then you are not ready to cruise the city. Are you?