Kissed by the Mediterranean Sea, Europe is blessed with a plethora of sea beaches each with its different magnificence. To put it simply, European beaches have something for everyone, a romantic honeymoon or a photography trip, a bachelor’s laid-back trip or a family vacation.  With the advent of the bright summer months, the coasts start to get filled with tourists from around the world and you should hurry in packing your cabin bag to explore the turquoise calm waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Here we bring five (although it’s a tough pick!) of the most beautiful beaches from the European continent that can allure everyone.

Pink Sands of Elafonisi Beach –Crete, Greece

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The pink-tinted sands being washed away by the shallow lagoon is complemented by the rolling dunes, black craggy rocks, white strand and a plethora of native flora and fauna. The water depth rising a maximum of one meter will let your kids enjoy splashing without any worry. Sun-loungers, showers and restroom facilities are there, still, the beach has not lost its virginity. Volleyball, Windsurfing and Kite-surfing can be enjoyed by adrenaline junkies while nature lovers can spot the rare flora, birds and Caretta-Caretta turtles here.

Geological formations of Durdle Door Beach –Dorset, England


The powdery golden sand of the Durdle Door is part of the 95 miles of Jurassic Coast which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts of a rich collection of fossils and stunning geological features. A spectacular limestone arch on the pristine blue ocean water is overlooked by the craggy cliffs that keep up the ruggedness of this beautiful secluded beach. Having rich water quality, it is one of the best sites for swimming and fishing while being detached from the din and bustle.

Arrow-shaped Zlatni Rat Beach –Brac, Croatia

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The main attribute of this beach is the unusual shape that looks like the tip of an arrow where glistening white sand on both sides of the strip meets together in the sea. The two sides are laden with umbrellas and sun loungers to enjoy the turquoise and deep blue sea. As the sun gets scorching, you can take shelter in the pine groves that line the beach in the same triangular shape like the strand. Wind-surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and jet-skiing are the popular activities here.  

Golden sands of Armaçao de Pera Beach –Algarve, Portugal

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The mild summer with bright sunlight is prevalent in this beachside all through the year. The long stretched golden strand bordered by the rugged golden cliffs is the signature beauty of the Armaçao de Pera. The white buildings on the cliff top are the contrasting features of the almost deserted beach. Numerous blue shades in the ocean and the coves under the rock walls will beckon you to have beach walks and long swims in the water along with water sports.  

Black Sand of Reynisfjara Beach –Vik, Iceland  

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While it sounds rather unusual, the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach is surely something you have never dreamt of while imagining a beach. Iceland, not being famous for beaches particularly, has this out-of-the-world rugged black sandy stretch which adds perfect drama to its coastline. The black cliffs, with patches of green in some places, stand in complement with the towering basalt columns or pyramidal shape that line the caviar-black sands. Both on a bright day or in drizzles, this beach will never stop mesmerising you.

Apart from these five beaches, there are many other beaches all around Europe, which are worth exploring. However, these five are unique and pristine, with the diversity that any beach-lover will look for.