With over 80,000 hotel room based in its city boundaries, it’s no surprise that Dubai is considered an unrivalled tourist destination. When ‘Dubai’ is mentioned, most picture the glamour of 5 star hotels, tranquil golden sands and sparkling blue seas – however the city is keen to prove there is much more to the destination, with the current bid for the World Expo 2020. For those who don’t know what the World Expo is, simply put is the Olympics of social, cultural and scientific thinking; bringing visitors and exhibitors form across the globe it is an event at which individuals, communities and nations connect to discuss our world future.

The UAE World Expo bid 2020 will see Dubai considered as a candidate city for the first time since the event’s inception. Should the bid be successful, it will also be the first time the World Expo has been held in the entire MENASA region. With the approaching 50th anniversary of the UAE’s founding, it feels like an ideal time for the country to welcome such a prestigious and forward-thinking exposition. The UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum is leading the bid with the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. His message: connected thinking is the best hope for progress, for a successful, peaceful existence – it is the region’s highest hope that Dubai can be the meeting point to begin this collaborative approach. The expo will offer showcase innovations and a platform on which to found new partnerships; visitors will leave inspired to work with other communities and achieve rapid progress for our future.

The UAE World Expo bid 2020 hopes that all sorts of global issues will be approached during the six months the event would run, from transnational struggles to economic catastrophes and poverty. However there are 3 further subthemes to which exhibitors will pay particular attention: sustainability of energy resources, mobility of world transportation and logistics and the opportunity for economic growth across the globe.

Alongside the success of Dubai tourism, the city is well equipped for business visitors. The Dubai Trade Center – Jebel Ali is well known for its conferencing facilities and so it is fitting that this venue has been proposed for the UAE World Expo 2020. Equidistant from the centre of Dubai itself and neighbouring Abu Dhabi, and nearby the Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport – it is a venue with exceptional logistical benefits. Following the event, it is hoped that the 438 hectare site will become a working monument to collaboration, inspiring others to work together for a more positive future for many years to come.

The World Exposition is the world’s most important cultural event, bringing together millions of visitors under one roof during a six month period. Visit the official UAE Dubai Expo 2020 website to show your support for the bid now and help boost Dubai tourism as we bring the world fair to the region for the first time.