Serviced apartments are unfamiliar to many travellers who are used to staying in a hostel or a hotel and haven’t considered other options. Indeed, they’re not for everyone. However, because they’re a bit of a mystery to people who have yet to try one, don’t make the mistake of avoiding them entirely either. 

To get yourself more familiar with the possible benefits that the serviced apartment industry has to offer, here are some pros and cons of staying in an apartment. 

Pro – The Costs are Clear from the Beginning

What you want with accommodation is clarity. When the costs aren’t clear, there are plenty of added extra expenses and surprises along the way, and so a good deal can quickly become a bad idea. 

It’s easy to find that expenses for rentals suddenly include utility bills, a TV licence, and other unexpected items. Simplicity is required to keep track of everything as a perpetual traveller, especially when you aren’t staying in a city for more than a week or two.

Fortunately, as covered by the Belfast News Letter recently, new serviced apartments are popping up in major city centres now due to the demand for no-fuss accommodation. 

Con – They’re Not Yet Available in Every City

It’s not yet true that you’ll find serviced apartments in every city and in each country that you might wish to visit. This is because rental markets are in different stages of maturity around the world. Some markets are ready for rental property innovation whereas others require more time.

The availability of serviced apartments is increasing every month. So, it won’t be long before they span the globe. 

Pro – Some (But Not All) Included Added Services

The extras that are available with a serviced apartment depend on the company and the building too; some buildings might be newer and have pre-built spaces for gym facilities or other extras. However, older buildings may not have space even when the apartments themselves are thoroughly modern inside. It all depends. The extras might include a concierge, bookable meeting rooms, security at the front door, free Wi-Fi throughout the building, or a restaurant or a bar.

Check to see what facilities are available to the apartment and in the building as it will vary from place to place, and from provider to provider. 

Con – You Might Miss Your House While Travelling

While a serviced apartment is usually larger than a hotel room – unless you hired a fancy suite – it won’t match the floor plan or size of your house back home. 

Let’s face it – when you’re used to a house, anything will seem smaller. However, for apartment owners, they don’t have that issue. Also, it’s fair to say that most accommodation that travellers stay in is too small for their needs and feel cramped. Serviced apartments are larger and don’t create that feeling. 

When you’re wanting to travel slower and spend additional time in each city, then you’ll feel the need for a homelier place. A serviced apartment is one way to achieve it without making long-term commitments.