Many services are available aboard a cruise ship. Passengers can compare packages offered by different cruises and the services available through the Royal Holiday Club. Some travelers may opt for a cruise company or club that offers packages, which include drinks in the price of the trip. Others are interested in cruises that offer entertainment for children.

Many activities are available on board the cruise ship. For instance, vacationers can enjoy a musical show in the evening, the opportunity to play sports around the pool or let the children participate in different games. These activities and services are always included in the price.

When booking, you must choose your cabin. For instance, you can choose an interior cabin or an outside cabin, with or without a balcony. This leads to a difference in price, which can match the size of the cabin or the view of the room.

Cruise excursions

The arrival of a cruise ship in a new port is always a special event for holidaymakers. Guided tours are some of the services offered by the cruise companies. The tours are paid and can be booked via the Royal Holiday Club when buying your cruise package but also on the boat. On the other hand, you can organize your own excursion. You are free to embark on an excursion organized by the cruise company or to visit the new destination on your own.

Many buffets, restaurants and bars are available aboard the ship. When cruising, it is possible to eat at any time of the day. Some cruise lines offer cruises with gastronomy as their main theme.

Exploring the Caribbean

There are no regions in the world that offer as many cruises as in the Caribbean. It is also one of the most beautiful cruise destinations because of its climate and many scenic islands.

The majority of the cruises offer fun and gambling cruises from the southern United States to southern Mexico. Liners, such Carnival Cruises offer impressive tourist facilities, game rooms and shopping centers.

The prices of American cruises are quite low compared to Europen cruises to the Caribbean. Thus, the operators assume that a certain amount of money will be spent in all cases during the cruise through shops and playrooms on the ship’s side. There are so many entertainment activities on cruises to the Caribbean.

When cruising the Caribbean, passengers quickly realize that each island is unique and has its own charm. This popular destination has many facets. A cruise in this region allows holidaymakers to discover the different faces of the Caribbean. If you start your cruise from the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, you sail to exotic islands with few inhabitants. This gives you an opportunity to discover different aspects that make this region a magnet for tourists.

Royal Holiday Club offers a number of routes around the world, including several that reach the Caribbean islands. The packages are ideal for couples and families. Some of the dream island destinations on offer include Bermuda, Tobago, Martinique, Antigua, Bonaire and Cuba. It is a chain of dream destinations. The list of exotic islands, each with beautiful beaches, seems endless.