The term “child-friendly” gets emitted around a hell of a lot these days to the point where it’s become clear that we all appear to have a very unlike definition of it. Now, this wouldn’t be such a negative thing if it wasn’t for the fact that utility like holiday accommodation providers also don’t seem to be able to reach a fair consensus on what it means to be child-friendly – standards across the UK for example span the whole range of the spectrum.

However, what this boils down to is a situation where it’s technically up to parents and family members to determine exactly what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to family-friendly lodgings these days. Most know exactly what to expect when staying in a hotel, but holiday homes are rather different.

Consider, therefore, the following as something of a checklist to go by if looking to give the negative echelons of the spectrum as wide a berth as possible:

Booking Flexibility

bookingPlans change and things pop up out of the blue for everyone – ten times more frequently in the case of those with kids. As such, it is unacceptable to offer so-called family-friendly options and yet refuse any kind of flexibility when it comes to refunds or changes of plans. This technically should be a deal-breaker for any proactive family with young kids.

Childcare Services

Something of an obvious point though so often overlooked, exactly how far do the provider’s childcare services go? Are you talking about a single babysitter that’s booked up six months in advance, or one that can be called on with ease as and when need? It isn’t always possible or pleasant to plan every single move so far ahead, which is something those running the complex should be sympathetic to.

Safe Design and Build

Next up, it really doesn’t take a world of time and effort to make a holiday home safe for kids in terms of its design and general layout. However, it does take at least some time and the changes or considerations made should be both apparent and on the tip of the tongue of the provider ready to discuss. Health and safety must be a primary concern from the moment of arrival and not an issue to be skirted around or brushed over.

Security Presence

security-presenceSpeaking of health and safety, it’s always important to know that there is a second pair of eyes on what’s going on and a security presence around to deter the negative elements of society from creeping in and running amok. Don’t ever be afraid to ask how well security is covered.

Entertainment A-Plenty

And to round off the list, truly child-friendly entertainment doesn’t mean just covering the basics with a few toys, but instead making the effort to offer kids clubs, live entertainment and an abundance of toys, games and activities for both indoor and outdoor environments. Don’t just accept the word ‘entertainment’ in its own right – demand that it is quantified with rock-solid examples.