Galway, Ireland

No trip to Ireland, or the UK in general, is complete without a visit to one of its most vibrant and picturesque towns – Galway. Galway sits on the Western edge of Ireland on the Atlantic coast, hemmed in on one side by coastline and on the other by peaceful countryside. Galway’s idyllic location alone makes it worth the trip; however, the town is also home to a tapestry of rich culture that marries Irish tradition and contemporary arts.

What to Expect Upon Arrival in Galway

The town is not dubbed the “Venice of the West” for no reason. Its charming canals and cobbled walkways will transport you, mind, and soul, to the winding streets of Italy’s floating city while enveloping you in Irish culture. Galway’s populous is welcoming to all, a haven of comfort and excitement for any traveler.

The Cliffs of Moher

Tourists flock from all over the world to see the Cliffs of Moher in person. This five-mile stretch of coastal cliff face offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the gently rolling Atlantic Ocean, two mountain ranges, Galway Bay, and the Aran Islands.

Perhaps the only things more stunning than the views from the Cliffs themselves are the sights of the Cliffs as seen from the ocean. Dozens of travelers per day take to boats on the calm coastal waters as part of guided sailing tours.

Galway Nightlife

After a glorious day of sightseeing, round it all off with a tour of Galway’s numerous and vibrant pubs and clubs that are as atmospheric and exciting as playing Canada slots online. This picturesque hamlet may give off an air of small-town conservativism by day, but by night there is plenty in the way of drinking and dancing to keep you entertained.

The pubs of Galway range from modern, sleek, and colorful to the more traditional Irish pub setting, all of which are worth a visit. If your time in Galway is limited, you may wish to consider partaking in a good, old-fashioned pub crawl to ensure you get to experience the full range of its nightlife.

Once you’ve had your fill of wonderful pubs, you can make your way over to one or more of Galway’s exciting night clubs. The residents of Galway are no strangers to a party, so come prepared to receive true Irish hospitality in the form of thrumming beats and local cocktails.

Art and Culture

If the pub and club scene isn’t really your thing, Galway plays host to a diverse art scene that can be found both in the charming store fronts of Galway’s streets and in the myriad of markets and festivals that occur in the town. Take in your fill of music, comedy, visual art, and theatre during your stay.

If you find yourself in Galway in July, be sure to attend the International Arts Festival. This annual event is a feast for the senses, and both tourists and locals alike look forward to it every year. Expect everything from circus performers to famous musicians to street artists in this electric, two-week long event.