Hilton Head Island has become a hot tourist destination for its magnificent stretches of beaches and sceneries. If you are planning to Travelling To Hilton Head Island, explore this location nestled in South Carolina, you cannot give miss the beaches. Here’s the list of top beaches that you need to pay a quick visit upon arrival.

Coligny Beach

Do you know that Coligny is the most famous beach here? The bonus is that you get free parking and convenient beach access! Want to know what is there more? Outdoor showers, changing stalls, chairs, kids fountain, swings- you name it. Once you are tired of taking a stroll on the beach, you can visit the Coligny Plaza. You can eat various cuisines, watch a movie and even do your leisure shopping.

Driessen Beach

Driessen Beach, also known as Bradley Beach has been a favourite to the locals. Hence, you must pay a visit. The abundance of parking spaces and calm shores can be a fantastic place to spend your evening with your family. You will not find many people visiting the beach. Playgrounds for kids and a pavilion for picnics have further made this spot fascinating for beach lovers. Also, there are many shacks and restaurants where you can find yummy snacks and drinks.

Mitchelville Beach

When you drive down the airport near Hilton Head Island, you get this incredibly popular Mitchelville Beach. With almost zero traffic and crowd, you can love the quieter version of this beach life. You will also find Mitchelville Freedom Park, an ideal spot for history enthusiasts. The fewer crowds on the shores, the small inlets and trails, the sweet breeze and Spartina grasses are all going to make you feel relaxed and calm on arriving. However, make sure that you know the tide timings.

Burke Beach

If you did not visit Burke Beach on coming to Hilton Head Island, you are going to give a great miss. Serenity and peace are what describe this popular beach. Do not worry about the parking spaces because you will find a lot. If you prefer doing some adventure, you can hike to Burke Beach and enjoy the view of open shores and sand. The best time to come to this beach is evening. Carry your picnic basket, and mats and capture some great snaps of the sunset. Moreover, you can find crabs running all over the beach.

What is more?

Vacationing can never be complete without taking part in beach activities. As you are travelling to an island, known for its beaches, it is obvious that you can find plenty of adventures and activities on the shores. Unleash your spirit and go for horseback riding, boat guides, water sports, bicycling and others. This will not only keep your adventure spirit alive but also satiate your adrenaline rush.

Arrive at the airport near Hilton Head and start exploring this island. Do not forget to carry your beachwear and equipment so that you can spend a lovely time on the beach, viewing sunrise and sunset!