Maui is renowned for its seafood dishes and its online Casino websites like It’s always nice to visit a world-class restaurant serving some of these delights. If it’s time to head out and find a top-quality seafood restaurant then you’re in luck!

Here are the top seafood restaurant options in Maui.

Mama’s Fish House

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The impressive scenic views are a breathtaking illustration of what this restaurant is all about. It offers an elegant seating arrangement, beautiful views, and some of the world’s finest seafood options all in one place. Guests can go through its rich menu of items while picking and choosing world-class items that are well worth it. 

From the south pacific blue prawns to the immaculate bouillabaisse, there is something for one to dig into here! 

Mama’s Fish House is one of the more critically acclaimed established in the area and has become well-recognized for its welcoming nature.

Mala Ocean Tavern

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Do you love a good selection of wines? 

When it is time to settle in and feast, there’s nothing better than being able to choose from a beautiful selection of wines while eating top-quality seafood.

Mala Ocean Tavern is one of the finer establishments in Maui because of its refined setting, top of the line staff, and well-rated food. The seafood options are simply delightful providing enough choices to fill your stomach for the day! 

Along with having such a wonderful menu, it’s also well-regarded for its cleanliness and overall appearance. This restaurant is an outstanding location for anyone into seafood.

Sea House Restaurant

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The open-air setting is something true to the area and it’s a great way to explore everything Maui has to offer. Guests want to enjoy the beauty of what Maui has to offer and this is a good way to go. The Sea House Restaurant is appreciated for its happy hour, which is always fun and can provide a great way to wind down after spending time near the water.

Along with the happy hour, it’s also wonderful when it’s time to dig in for a hearty meal.

Work through the menu and feel on top of the world at this fine location.

Down The Hatch

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Located on Front St. this is one of those restaurants that are well-rounded, affordable, and packed with delicacies. The open-air patio is one of a kind as it offers refreshing views of the region while allowing fresh air to enter the area. It’s an example of what Maui is all about and what makes it special.

While the setting is certainly impressive, it’s the seafood options that leave one yearning to come back again!

The seafood is out of this world and has a charm to it that’s impossible to beat.

Coconut’s Fish Cafe

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Whether it is pasta, tacos, or sandwiches, this is a restaurant that utilizes Hawaiian fish better than almost any other restaurant in Maui. The quality is impressive and it demonstrates what it means to spend time enjoying the gorgeous sights. Coconut’s Fish Cafe has become a favorite spot for thousands of people because of its illustrious menu.

The menu is power packed with great options and allows you to feast without issue. From the beautiful decor to the wonderful staff members, it’s a place that is worthy of your time and money.

Tante’s Fish Market 

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Tante’s Fish Market Restaurant & Bar is a relatively new Seafood restaurant on Maui. It is centrally located on the island of Maui at the Maalaea Harbor Shops. It is known for one of the longest Happy Hours on island. It also is well known for its stellar views of the harbor. It as well boasts an excellent seafood menu that gets a lot of buzz locally. It also features a sushi bar and poke bowels to go. Even if seafood isn’t your favorite the large menu with local favorites should satisfy most taste buds.

These seafood restaurants are some of the best in the region and continue to offer world-class delicacies to guests. Take the opportunity to enjoy everything Maui has to offer because it’s among the finest places on planet Earth when it comes to seafood options. There’s something for everyone in his Hawaiian paradise.