Everyone loves to travel and explore new cities and its rich history & culture. Newcastle city of Australia is having various tourist spots that attract people every year. But, there are times when people may get confused about where to stay to enjoy leisure travelling experience with their family? When travelling, you definitely need various amenities for family and kids daily. In such a situation, the best option for staying is studio apartments.

There are several advantages of living in modern studio apartments. It offers many benefits of staying in an apartment while travelling for a week getaway. Here are some important benefits of living in studio apartments:

In terms of excellent space

Space is one of the important factors that need to be considered. If you’ll compare the modern studio apartment over hotel rooms then you’ll find that the apartments are spacious. With apartments, you get a living area, bedroom, bathroom, and many other places. Studio apartments of Hotel 75 are also highly spacious with multiple features.

Offers all comfort of home

This is one of the main benefits of living in studio apartments. With hotel rooms, you can only get luxury but studio apartments can make you feel like a home away from away. All the comfort and amenities that you find in your home can be felt here. In an apartment, you’ll get the kitchen to cook your favourite food, washing machine to do the laundry and many other amenities. Also, you don’t have to worry about your baby crying and waking up others in hotels.


This is a bit surprising but true that living in a studio apartment while travelling is affordable and cheaper. Owing to this reason, most people prefer to live in modern apartments for weekend getaways.

Availability of amenities

If you’re travelling with family and kids then you’ll definitely need some amenities daily. A well-furnished apartment with kitchen space is all that you want for your family when travelling. If you’re going to stay for a week in the apartment then you’ll need cooking essentials, electric kettle, and many other amenities. Also, you can keep the leftover food items in the refrigerator. All these amenities can be availed only if you’re planning stay in a studio apartment.

A lot of savings on local restaurants

Studio apartment means a complete kitchen area where you can cook your food according to your taste. In the studio apartment of Hotel 75, all the facilities are available for kitchen space such as an oven, electric kettle, dishwasher, microwave and many more which you won’t find in hotels. A complete kitchen space means you can cook meals anytime. This will add up in saving your money in restaurants when you’re travelling.

A modern studio apartment lets you do many interesting things and enjoy every day of your stay. For a short trip, apartments are the best option due to the various benefits associated with it. If you’re living in a studio apartment then you get benefitted in terms of affordability, lots of amenities, secure parking etc. The most important benefits are that you’ll get home like feel and comfort in apartments.